seath's very cool carrd

hello it's me i draw.
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Have mercy.
- splatoon
- pokemon
- zelda
- ocs


Check out my ko-fi page to see commission status!


I do commissions of OCs and fandom art for personal use only.My prices are meant for non-commercial use.You're free to post the commissioned art on your social media, or use as pfp or header, but please don't claim it as your artwork, and don‘t do mayor modifications to the piece like painting over or recoloring. If you want to commission me for commercial work or for art that will be published to a broad audience (for example: book covers, youtube thumbnails, streamer mascot, charms, etc) please contact me and we can discuss rates.Waiting time depends on number of commissions on queue and complexity (first come first serve) can be 1 week - 2 months.Once the final piece is approved, I post the artwork on my socials (instagram/twitter), with watermark on top to avoid art-theft and giving credit to the oc owner/commissioner. No refunds.

Adopts ToS

Payment is through Ko-fi (using pay-pal).Buyer determines name, gender, age, etc.Buyer fully owns the character, but can’t modify, edit, paintover or claim credit on this specific artwork. Redistribution for profit is not allowed (ie. selling this artwork as stickers, charms etc)Buyer can modify or further develop the character, but is nice to keep the main design as faithful to the original as possible. (playing with fashion/ hairstyles/ AUs is perfectly fine). Not required but crediting me as the artist or original designer is apreciated if you (buyer) reupload the adopt original artwork on other platforms.